Cello lessons from age 3 years.

Cellist Brendan Conroy has vacancies for new cello students in Amsterdam. He has 25 years of teaching and performance experience, from beginners to Conservatoire level, from age 3 to 83. Brendan teaches using the principles of the Suzuki Method, an international method of learning music based on the way children learn to speak their mother tongue.

In addition to teaching children of all ages and levels, Brendan also teaches adult students.

Brendan teaches in Dutch and in English. Lessons take place at the Zeemanshuis, on Kadijksplein, five minutes by bus from Amsterdam Centraal. Brendan also teaches at the Cultuurhuis in Heemskerk.

Suzuki Cello

The core philosophy of the Suzuki method is that every child can learn to play to a very high level, given the right environment and teaching. The approach puts a strong emphasis on learning by ear from a very young age, proceeding in very small achievable steps. Students can begin lessons from as young as 3 years of age. There are special fractional sized cellos designed for very small children.

The parents are highly involved in the lessons and the home practice, and in addition to individual lessons, students attend regular group lessons, where learning to play together with other students is motivating, inspiring and fun. In the group lessons students learn a huge amount from watching and interacting with each other, as well as from the teacher.

Suzuki's vision of music lessons was to create not just great musicians, but also great human beings. While learning music, children are also learning to focus in great detail, learning how to apply themselves successfully to long-term challenges, and discovering how to co-operate and function in a social group to achieve common goals, to develop empathy, and to express themselves and communicate emotionally through sound, among many other things.

Suzuki lessons are based on the idea of teaching ability, rather than identifying "talent" or encouraging competition. The concept is that with expert teaching and the right supportive environment, "talent" is actually something that can be taught.

After a strong, naturalistic "mother tongue" beginning approach to learning to play music first through listening, reading music then is introduced later, in the same way children learn language through first listening and speaking, then later reading and writing. 

Students learn a common core repertoire, which they return to over the years with increasing refinement. An important consequence of this is that Suzuki students always have a body of repertoire that they can play. In addition to this core repertoire, students learn a variety of other pieces depending on their needs, tastes and interests. Ensemble playing, and improvisation are also an important part of the lessons.

The international nature of the method with its common repertoire and approach means that students are easily able to play immediately with students they have never met before. Brendan's students in recent years have taken great pleasure in attending Suzuki music summer schools in the UK, USA, Germany and Australia, for example. 

Preparation for youth orchestras

String Quartet coaching

Two young cellists

Brendan tutoring an adult amateur cello ensemble

Brendan conducting a string orchestra


Brendan Conroy is an Australian-born cellist based in Amsterdam. He has extensive performance experience, including tours of Australia, North America, South America, Europe and Asia. He has performed frequently as a section cellist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, and was a member of the Diemen Quartet, ensemble-in-residence at the University of Tasmania. Brendan has recorded solo and chamber music recitals for ABC Classic FM. Recent performances include concerts in Amsterdam and Australia of various contemporary chamber music compositions, and educational performances of a show for children based around the Kodaly Duo for Violin and Cello.

Brendan has studied in Australia, and Europe, and holds a First Class Honours degree in cello performance, and a Masters Degree from the Royal Conservatorium in Den Haag. His principal teachers were Christian Wojtowicz, Markus Stocker, and Lucia Swarts.

In addition to his Tertiary Studies, Brendan has undertaken several more years of specialized Suzuki teacher training, having done long-term training in the Netherlands and France, and also having attended shorter courses in the USA, Spain, the UK and Denmark. He continues to attend workshops and professional development activities on a regular basis.

Brendan has taught in a wide variety of contexts and settings. Some of his students have gone on to study music as a career, while many others continue to play as adult amateurs. In addition to individual and group lessons, he has taught school group lessons, conducted youth orchestras, coached chamber music groups, run professional mentorship sessions, and given guest lessons and masterclasses in various countries around the world.


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